Samsung Galaxy S4 is out for Display [Features]

by on March 19th, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 is out for display with a bunch of new features which other Samsung phones could not incorporate. The features includes both software and hardware enhancements. This smartphone is said to be in the stores on April 26 in 155 countries through 327 operators.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4
Source: Samsung

Check out the features of the Samsung Galaxy S4:

It is a 5 inch tall handset with 136.1 X 69.88 mm dimensions. It weighs 130gms. The phone is still a polycarbonate chassis with metallic branding. The color options also haven’t changed from its predecessor. It is still just ‘White Frost’ and ‘Black Mist’. However, the company promises to launch a set of colors by the end of this year. The processor turns out to be a freaky eight cores making it beat out of all the Samsung phones till now in the stores. 2 GB RAM, OLED screen, and full HD 1920 X 1080 display makes it look stunning and overpowering.

It has a dual camera where you can shoot with the front and the rear camera both at once. And with the advanced feature of drama shot, you can record a few seconds before you shoot a picture. It also has the smart pause feature, where the video get paused automatically when it senses that your head is moving away from the screen. The air gesture feature, allows you to change the sound track, answer a call, scroll up and down the web page without actually touching the phone. The special feature of group play function gives you access to listen to music, play games and photos and all that without using a wireless access point or cellular signals. So it gives you a great atmosphere to play.

Waiting for Samsung Galaxy S4 just like me? Wait up will April 26th and you can buy one for yourself.