India’s Villages To Get Connected, To Revolutionize E-Governance

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India is all set for taking a  major step in network connectivity with a project worth 20,000 Cr, which is expected to begin soon and connect around 250,000 Indian village councils through high speed networking/ data cables. This project will take up e-governance facilities to the Indian villages and will make possible e-services in several fields including entertainment and education in villages, India is setting up the core infrastructure. Indian Government sets to lay the groundwork and provide the momentum for long-term growth of e-Governance within the nation.

N. Ravi Shanker, the chairman and managing Director of Bharat Broadband Network Ltd (BBNL), told that we have accomplished almost 70% of the foundation. He also explained that government is prepared to implement and accomplish this project, indicating towards the groundwork work in- terms of surveys and hardware estimation. With this step, India will revolutionize the way services in villages work.

Currently, in all state, districts, capitals and blocks, optical fiber cable connectivity is accessible. To obtain it to the village panchayat level, incremental cables will be arranged as part of the development. To connect this gigantic country’s which incorporates more than 650,000 villages through the National Optical Fiber Network cables are laid. These cables will function as the backbone for the e-connectivity and will power up networking facilities in villages.

N.Ravi Shanker also told that in another couple of months time conclusion will be made from this investigation. The conclusion will assist us to know that whether we have correctly and appropriately evaluated the need of fifty thousand (50,000) km of optic fiber to link all two lacks fifty thousand (250,000) village panchayats or village committees. N. Ravi Shankar told that we will shortly start the project work after this conclusion. Once the conclusion will be reached, actual physical efforts will start to convert this project set up into reality.

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