Starting today, Facebook users too can hashtag!

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Hashtagging was something that was more relevant to Twitter and it was one of their USP’s too. However, starting today, Facebook users too would start seeing the # symbol in their news feed posts and comments. With this being done, Facebook will certainly start looking a bit similar to its rival which has since been famous for clickable hashtags. Add # before “LOL” and see it become a clickable link that takes you to an independent page that contains all posts from users worldwide who have hashtagged it. Of course, the privacy features do exist and if you are setting a post privacy option to a limited number of friends, other will not get the post in that page.

This move certainly is a new feature as it will bring about a lot of gossip under one roof. Several views on a certain topic could thus be established and this is something that users of Twitter or for that matter Pinterest/Tumblr had been exposed to. Greg Lindsey from Facebook wrote in a blog today that this could be a way to have a larger picture of topics that people have been gossiping about independently. Discussions about events, people and other things will now have a same platform. However as the initial step, only the hashtags are being rolled out as of now.

In another statement to ABC News, Facebook said that this is just one of the several improvements that are being rolled out to make conversations more vigorous. Graph Search was a similar function rolled out earlier. Sherlyn Sandberg, COO of Facebook said that the Hashtagging like other soon to be launched features will make it easier to find information about relevant topics in Facebook. What we guess, is Facebook trying to do a similar job of a Search Engine! Fingers crossed though…

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