LG’s New Quad HD Smartphone Display May Be Overkill

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Image source: jillmore.com

When there is a tech war going on between major smart phone makers, a new players has joined the arena with a product that no one else has. On Wednesday, LG Electronics has declared its highest resolution smart phone board, the World’s first Quad HD display smartphone which has the resolution of 538 pixels per inch and 2,560 x 1,440 which functions with massive 5.5-inch square HD panel. In comparison with the iPhone 4′s retina display, which has 326 pixels per inch and the 1080p HD standard, it has huge resolution.

If we compare LG Display’s Quad HD smartphone with the present mobile display, it has 4 times more pixels than HD at 1,280X720, offers a clearer picture and therefore enhancing contrast, brightness, and replicating more delicate colors. Vinita Jakhanwal, the director of mobile and emerging displays and technology at IHS iSuppli said that most of the smartphone manufacturers and brands are seeking for some isolation in their products. So LG also felt the need to establish a higher resolution as on a small screen, it might be effective for graphics applications along with many other applications.

LG’s Latest Quad HD smartphone has the facility to zoom and squeeze with just a touch on the screen. Llamas said that this feature is more effective in those situations where you need to zoom in closely and the times when you need to zoom out to see in the details or larger view. In Asia, many manufacturers are giving preference to the 500 pixel per inch resolutions because of its current demand in market. The devices with such resolutions are probably to reach on the market next year, as reported. Still, LG together with many other manufacturers have to work on other aspects like the processor chip and power consumption which is mandatory for such high resolution.

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