– A Social Networking Website For Indian Children

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Finally parents can get some relaxation from their worries regarding their kids using social networking sites. This help will also be from a social networking site, that has been specially developed for kids only to provide the kids with privacy and thorough safety from abuses and obnoxiousness.

The abusers & stalkers on such adult social networking sites have always been a matter of worry for parents especially in urban areas. In current time of technology, children love to use internet as their part time and these social networking sites prove out to be the best way to hang out with people in spare time. The fun side is there but bad side is quite worse than the fun side. There are numerous obnoxious, abusive and unsafe people from whom parents are afraid of for their young kids since majority of kids’ outburst when they are stopped by parents to make use of internet but also at the same time parents can’t afford their kids using them.

In such cases, the only solution to all these problems is, a social networking website that is developed only for children. The purpose of this website is to connect kids with each other to enjoy while at the same time protect them from any kind of obnoxiousness and unsafe abusive people who can putrid kids at their early age. This website was launched in April and currently has more than 20,000 active users on it. This is an educative social networking site that demands parental permission and guidance from time to time. The site remains in touch of parents via email.

The site is specially created for kids of age group of 6-12 years and is currently active in India only. The head of this social networking site, Mr. Harsh Wardhan Dave stated that the company has put multi-level security checks on so as to ensure kids are thoroughly safe from child stalking.

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