Launchers To Turn Your Android Into An iPhone

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There is great news for those who want to enjoy Android but at the same time love having a feel of iOS 7 from their Smartphone. It, though, sounds crazy to equip both Android functionality and iOS 7 touch of feel to a same Smartphone but with latest advents going around in the world of technology; it seems nothing is impossible now. In simple words users of Android system can now actually have a feel of Apple’s iOS 7 in their Android Jelly bean device with ‘Launchers’.

Launchers are kind of apps that can convert your Android OS outlook into the Apple’s iOS providing users with the opportunity to enjoy Apple from their Android device. The icons along with their layout, sizes, as well as text make the user feel that he is holding an original iPhone. Another plus point, all of these can be easily customized by user to suit up to his taste. The launchers also provide option of creating folders along with swiping access toolbars as per choice. Moreover the shortcuts and the Widgets selected by the user on his Android device will still be the same in terms of functioning.

The top 6 Launchers that are creating the buzz in the global market these days with their unique functionality and incredible features providing users with opportunity to enjoy Apple at their Android phone include following apps -

  • Hi Launcher iOS 7 Theme
  • 3 jbOS7
  • Espier Launcher
  • ·         Fake iPhone 5iOS 7
  • ·          Lock Screen Parallax HD
  • iOS 7 Live Wallpaper

These all apps are available online for free of cost at Google Play but it is suggested by experts that a user should go for any of them after going through their reviews since some may lack some features something while some may provide any glitch during use.

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