Microsoft wants to offer Windows Phone OS option on HTC’s Android phones

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It seems Microsoft is on a roll to push down its Windows based operating system to the global phone market as much as possible. To achieve this purpose, the company is even prepared to ride on the Android based Smartphones from HTC, taking it as their secondary option. The news has been confirmed not by any company official, but through some sources.

If reports are to be believed, the technology giant, Microsoft is in talks with HTC, the Taiwanese Smartphone mobile maker. The talks are based on a proposal by Microsoft to HTC to add on former’s Window based operating system to HTC’s Android based Smartphones. But the news which is buzzing up the market is the fact that Microsoft is in no mood to charge the HTC for this service. In simple terms, reports are there that Microsoft will not be charging anything (or may be very little) from HTC for providing their operating system to the Taiwanese based mobile manufacturers.

This is the first time Microsoft will be doing so since usually the mega tech giant do charge some amount as licensee fee to those they provide the services. Reports are there that the head of operating systems unit of Microsoft, Mr. Terry Myerson has decided to cut down or even eliminate the pricing company charge as licensee fee for the operating system provided by Microsoft.

Some doubts are there regarding whether this operating system will be provided in-built or it will be available as a second option for users to consider and opt when they take HTC phones. No official announcement considering the same has been made by officials from both the companies since the deal is on initial base yet and final decision are yet to be done. But one thing is for sure that the Microsoft is certainly taking some huge steps to make a strong influence in the huge global competition.

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