Ashton Kutcher to promote Lenovo’s Yoga range of tablets

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Ashton Kutcher, the famous Hollywood actor, has been roped in by the tech giant Lenovo to endorse its Yoga series of new Android tablets. The 35 year old actor has also taken over the post of a Product Engineer with the tablet manufacturer. These yoga tablets are launched in two variant, an 8 inch and 10 inch, at base price of $249 as well as $299 respectively.

Lenovo has hired the Hollywood actor, Ashton Kutcher, to endorse it news Yoga series of Android tablets. Kutcher, who also donned the role of Steve Job, the iconic Apple co-founder, in the movie ‘Jobs’ recently, will also be taking over the post of Product Engineer with Lenovo. The devices are Android based and use Android 4.2 OS.

The devices come equipped with 1 GB of RAM, a 1.2 GHz MT8389 processor, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity capability, Bluetooth 4.0 and a slot for micro-USB. The most noteworthy feature of Lenovo tablets is the handle. The tablets features a symmetric cylinder shaped handle which can be easily used, when reading, as a grip. There is also a stand provided which pops out of this cylinder allowing the device to rest on a slight incline or vertically.

Kutcher is a big name in Hollywood and is widely known for some of his infamous roles like in the movies Killers, The Butterfly Effect along with TV series ‘Tow & Half Men’ and now will be the face of Lenovo’s new Yoga series tablets. Kutcher himself is a tech lover & enthusiast and the actor has also been in news for investing in some tech companies like Path, Airbnb and Uber as well. Kutcher, on the day of unveiling, got down to some strict and sharp talks while targeting the infamous Apple and its software, but in an indirect way along with praising the software system of Lenovo tablets.

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