Google, Facebook and Twitter bolster digital defenses in wake of NSA revelations

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For past few months, Facebook Inc. Google Inc., and other top Internet firms have been grumbling that without the knowledge or assistance of the firms, NSA (National Security Agency) has followed online communications. This has already created a lot of stir worldwide and as per Snowden’s revelations, many new aspects related to NSA’s working have come forward. However, Google has found the technique in encrypting users’ information but other companies are still working on, in doing so, said by privacy lawyers.

But few suggested that the companies’ attempts may not be act as long lasting protection because encryption technology keeps on changing very quickly. Kurt Opsahl from Electronic Frontier Foundation said that computer security is fast-moving domain. Latest security flaws get noticed, while new and improved standards get publicized.

Initially, web agencies were cautious about their encryption attempts which are concerning with government scrutiny and which they analyzed as a sensitive subject. It has been reported that both Facebook and Google have silently improved their protests and in some cases accelerating programs that were already in the actions.

But off lately, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft’s senior executives have publicized their efforts in order to show their rising rage over government inspection and to convince users that the internet firms are doing all, what they can do to shield information.

In 2010, Google, first applied ordinary encryption to its internet-based Gmail service, but with the passage of time, it has added safeguards for other sorts of files that email users receive and send from Google’s servers.

In a latest public appearance in London, Eric Schmidt, Google Executive Chairman announced that we have used the tight security for all our operations, and we are trying hard to make it tighter. He added that we can say that we are now saved against the NSA and the Chinese.

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