Google Play Music gets new look for iOS 7

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After much expectation, Google has finally release the update for Google Play Music to improve its performance by incorporating features which were not present in its opening release. This movement came a month later when Google was dropping back its Android counterpart. It seems that the addition of these new features would help Android to stabilize its position.

The All Access and Radio service was initially announced at Google IO, an annual developer-centric conference in May with the commitment that after few weeks, it would update its iOS devices. Last month also, it was rumored, but finally now it is really here and Google is actually offering us a great look at this music service.

As per reports, for iOS 7, the ‘Google Play Music’ app has been updated and now this app involves “I’m Feeling Lucky” radio. The radio creates a random playlist depending upon the user’s listening patterns, the preferred music and range of radio stations.

Google’s music network hugely different from Apple’s and closely resembles with Spotify or Amazon with a target on the Cloud. You can use it on Macs and PCs via browser together with an interface that is incredibly strong for a webpage. It is not relatively as quickly respond as iTunes, particularly with local music.

Added feature enables to search for type and auto-playlists which would be better to enjoy the service’s over 20 million songs. You will not only enjoy your music, but can also get access to music from key labels and also from small ones for just the $9.99 per month and free for the first month. It is almost comparable with Spotify’s quality service where one can download the music locally, if you wish to listen music in a plane,  or do not want to make the use of carrier bandwidth.

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