Internet is about to experience one of its greatest changes: ICANN

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International Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), is an institute that assigns unique protocol numbers and web addresses on the web. The institute is well known for assigning IP addresses, that is the logical addresses, to the web and websites on which the entire network works. Fadi Chehade, the president and CEO of ICANN talked about ICANN’s digital scrutiny, worldwide economic efforts, and the upcoming features of the internet in an interview (email) with Kim Arora.

The ICANN has lately declared an Excellence hub in Domain Name System (DNS) security in India. Why?

Safety, resiliency and security of the Domain Name System (DNS) are and always been ICANN’s foremost priorities. The latest centre for excellence will again be the commitment of ICANN to the DNS.

As the US discovers itself at the core of a scrutiny blizzard, you have taken an authorized stand of “speeding up the globalization of IANA and ICANN’s functions.” Can you please provide the detail on that? What issues, have you encountered so far in executing this?

ICANN’s attempts to maximize its global existence have been started long before the news of digital inspection reported and it is still going on. ICANN is and always has been a global institution that functions under the multi- shareholder replica. It means that anyone across all over world can participate in the discussion and can give their suggestion. ICANN group is open, extensive and showcases the views of individuals from every sector right from customers to enterprises to governments.

In addition to that, we organize meetings many times in a year all across the world. We are also escalating our offices in each continent. Currently, we have center offices in Istanbul, in Los Angeles and Singapore, and meeting offices in Brussels, Montevideo, Beijing and Washington.

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