iPhone 5S, 5C top sales charts in US

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Image source: news.cnet.com

As per T. Michael Walkley, Canaccord Genuity analyst, in the past three months, the new iPhones have been amongst the top three traders at all four foremost US shippers. He revealed that Apple’s new iPhone 5S and 5C variants are supposedly topping the sales at main US carriers. Apple 5S and 5C are the newest smart phone devices launched by Apple in September’2013.

He added that an incessant rise in iPhone 5S sales has been noticed, and so far it has been the leading selling smartphone at all 4 level-1 US carriers involving Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

The latest iPhone 5S sales report is not very surprising. It is being rapidly traded out in mobile stores across the country. However, earlier news about iPhone 5C were suggesting that it is not selling in the way it was expected, and therefore the production was  potentially being evaded. But recently Mr. Walkley told that it did well in the market as customers were looking for an affordable model of iPhone. He also pointed out that their sales surveys also indicated stable iPhone 5C sales and it was the result of the handset’s wide color options and more reasonable price which are famous among its potential users.

Prior to the launch of iPhone 5S and 5C in September, Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Sony, HTC and Motorola all were shown in the top sales charts among each of the main carriers, as reported. The latest launch pushed down all those brands, excluding Samsung in the top sales charts.

Before the release of the new models, Apple’s iPhone 5 was its only iPhone amongst Top 3 competitor at the leading four carriers. Walkley increased 2014’s first-quarter iPhone consignment guess to 54 million divisions from 52 million which quoted good sales and enhanced shipments of the 5S.

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