Simplify360 in 2013: From Social Media Monitoring to Global Leader in Social Business Intelligence

by on December 30th, 2013

Social Business Intelligence Simplify360 has recently released the review of year 2013. The company has achieved several milestones in the past 12 months, and is poised for great 2014 ahead.

The company’s 2013 achievements include:

1. Frost & Sullivan and NASSCOM keeps Simplify360 as the leader in Analytics product companies in India. It is also the only one from Social Media Industry.

2. Simplify360 signs up TechMahindra as the global partner.

3. The Economic Times and Simplify360 partnered to bring Social Media Buzz Analysis report for Indian Elections 2014.

4. Simplify360 partnered with the biggest Big Data conference in India – The Big Data Conclave and launched a book “Understanding Big Data”.

5. Simplify360 launched the most advanced Social Media Contact Center Solutions for BPOs – Simplify360 Contact Center 2.0.

6. The company expanded in Brazil and UK markets.

7. Now we have established a considerable presence in Social Media Monitoring space.

More on the presentation below:

20 Great Stories Created By Simplify360 In 2013 from Simplify360
Disclosure: Simplify360 and Buzzom are owned by the same company.