Google’s Picasa software backs up photos from PCs to Google+

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 In another attempt of folding Google+ into people’s lives, Google has released a tool that allows people to automatically backup their photos to the social service. Google aims to make Google+ a complete home to all your pictures and thus, the tech giant has initiated a new effort to get them there.

Basically, this new step from Google involves an update to its Picasa photo software, which allows Windows and OS X users to edit and upload their pictures to the Picasa web album site of Google. This new update fundamentally utilizes an utility known as Google+ Auto Backup which copies the pictures from the user’s PC to the newer Google+ Photo service.

This new software offers to create backup of photos from various folders containing pictures and from all the memory cards & cameras connected to the computer. People also get a choice of uploading the full resolution images, which actually count towards online storage limits of Google or downsampled adaptations a maximum of 2048 pixels on the edge, that can easily be stored in unlimited quantities.

This software actually mirrors an option which is already available on the smart phones powered by Android and on Chrome OS based machines. Once you upload your pictures on Google+, you can share them easily with your contacts on the Google’s social service.

Today, the Google’s Web Service live on and Picasa software have taken a backseat and nowadays, they are very much in the background as compared to the tech giant’s Nik photo-editing software and Google+. As per the release notes, the newer version of the picture sharing Picasa software also augments the file-size limit itself from 50 MB – 100 MB, addresses the identified problems in image handling and adds the raw photo format support for the new cameras.

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