Skype’s Social Networking Accounts Hacked!

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Skype, one of the leading global social networking portal has suffered a set back with the beginning of this New Year since the social networking account of the Skype has been attacked and hacked. The online attack and hack has been done by SEA (the Syrian Electronic Army). The Syrian Electronic Army is a group of IT skill persons who support Mr. Bashar al-Assad the president of Syria. The online attack was done in the 1st week of New Year, in fact just 2 days later the New Year eve causing a great chaos for the Skype Inc.

The Syrian Electronic Army hackers have in fact targeted Skype’s Twitter & Facebook accounts along with the official blog of Skype. It has been done in a specific orientation to the revelations about hand and connection of Microsoft in the spying game, by Edward Snowden; the NSA whistleblower. This is not the end since the Syrian Electronic Army has produced an embarrassment on Microsoft (since Microsoft owns the Skype) by posting the Steve Ballmer’s (CEO) contact with a message on the twitter account. The message that points to a layman states that a person can thank the Microsoft for monitoring their emails and accounts by making use of ‘THESE’ details illegally. The message ends with the official logo of SEA which is “#SEA”.

Along with this, there was one more message which was again pointing to the laymen and as per that SEA stated to not to make use of Microsoft emails (outlook or hotmail) since Microsoft monitors a layman’s account while selling that data to the government unofficially. These two messages were re-tweeted all together for more than 8000 times with a statement ‘For those who missed it’. The same was done to the Facebook and blog account of Skype which was more than enough to bring a huge disgrace and embarrassment to Microsoft.

Microsoft has not come up with any statement yet.

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