New Video Storytelling app, Adobe Voice has been introduced to iPad users

by on May 9th, 2014

Adobe has launched its new animated video application, named as Adobe Voice for iPad. It is such an amazing app that allows the users to make video stories by compiling recorded music, voice, graphics, imagery, effects and voice. Through this application, both Adobe and iPad is hoping to make something for a large and wide scale of users as because from professional to students – everybody can use it as a personal tool and make some real creative things on their iPad. Apple has made it for free in the App store. However, the app is not compatible with all the iPads. It has only been made for iPad 2 and the technologically higher versions of existing iPads which have iOS 7 under the hood.

Adobe has not incorporated any edgy technology to make this app though. Its functionalities are quite similar to any other slideshow making tools. Some of Adobe’s already existing technology like Adobe After Effects have been used to make this app work. The app consists of a step by step methodology that will help the users to get along with this. Firstly, it has some example videos and story starters that will take the users to shared-community video feed. It is more like library that is filled with about 25,000 icons, along with graphics engine by After effects, its own licensed image content cache, animated themes, background music and an attribution page. The videos can be shared on Adobe’s Creative Cloud Platform, Twitter and Facebook.

Umang Bedi, Managing Director of Adobe Systems (South Asia) said at the launching event, “Adobe Voice puts the power of Creative Cloud’s industry-leading video and audio technology into the hands of the masses. Our move to Creative Cloud has given us a much broader canvas for innovation and attracted many new users to Adobe. We believe Adobe Voice, and other mobile apps expected in the next few months, will continue the momentum we’re seeing.”